Science And Technology For A Sustainable Future

The exponential Growth of Technology in India has played a significant role in the round development of the economy. Sustainable development is an emerging area because it addresses the socio-economic development of every human being. India has opted for a judicious mix of indigenous and imported technology. Purchase of technology is commonly called “Technology transfer” …

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Peace Education

Dear friends, we know that the greatest thing in everyone’s life is peace. No one is present in this world who doesn’t want peace. But sometimes for achieving peace, people start hating one another and increasing enmity instead of loving. For getting peace, first, we need to understand the real meaning of peace that comes …

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Impact Of Social Media On Youth

In today’s world, we are increasingly getting dependent on science, technology, and innovation. People use technology to connect to their friends, family, and loved ones. Social media platforms have facilitated easy connections among people. Being in virtual reality excites people more. But the overuse and addiction is the real problem here. People are in a false sense of being …

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