Pulping: Definition And Types

A process that extracts fibrous material, cellulose, from wood or other raw material as a prelude to papermaking. The purpose ...
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extraction method

Various Types Of Flavors And Their Isolation/Extraction Methods In Detail

Head Space sampling - Static Headspace: Direct analysis of the equilibrium headspace above a food product would appear to be ...
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fruit peels

Estimation of Total Phenol Content (TPC) And Antioxidant Activity (AA) in Fruit/Vegetable Peels

POMEGRANATE PEELS Because of their high polyphenol content, fruit and vegetable by-products have lately been proposed as natural food additives ...
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Crystallization: Meaning And Overview In Food Technology

Crystallization is a separation process, widely applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The principle of crystallization is based on ...
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Starch and Modified Starches: The Technology of Production and Application

● Starch, is a white, granular, organic chemical that is produced by all green plants.● It is a soft, white, ...
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