how to order food in train

How To Order Food In Train?

We Indians usually prefer to travel by train and on the journey and want to have tasty and fresh food. But how do we get delicious and fresh food on the train? It’s a tremendous desire of many train travelers. Because when we travel, usually our hunger increases by 2X. RailRecipe.Com is here to satisfy your craving for great, home-cooked meals. Railrecipe is working day by day to deliver tasteful food in train at the selected station.

Railrecipe ensures that every train passenger gets their chosen meal from top-rated restaurants on time. They are known for offering a broad range of food options. They also present special discounts.

RailRecipe is popular among Indian train travelers for its special cuisines.

Introducing RailRecipe: A Food On Train Delivery Platform

RailRecipe is an e-catering company that delivers meals to train passengers all over India. Railrecipe’s cuisine for train passengers is far more delectable. Railrecipe sources it from premier restaurants, all of which are FSSAI-approved.

IRCTC’s authorized catering plus most valuable partner is RailRecipe. When passengers board a train and request food from RailRecipe, the meal is delivered to their train seat at a designated stop. The meal tastes fantastic. They provide cuisine from top restaurants; thus, the food is definitely cooked in a sanitary manner. Food packaging is top-notch. The most popular e-caterer for rail meals is RailRecipe.

RailRecipe is well-known for providing excellent service.

Delivering Happiness with Food in Train

RailRecipe knows the taste and preferences of Indians. Because of this reason, they have collaborated with the top restaurants that are FSSAI-approved. Our menu is a wide range; you will get North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, Hyderabadi, Continental, Italian, Pure Jain Food, Non-Vegetarian, Vegetarian, Drinks, and so on. RailRecipe gives you more alternatives than ever before.

RailRecipe, an e-catering service, delivers fresh, hygienic, and affordable meals to 560+ stations throughout India. Train passengers can now place orders for desired food through the Authorized IRCTC E-Catering Partner RailRecipe website, Mobile App, or by calling 8448440386.

Why Order Food In Train from RailRecipe

Let’s take a quick look at the factors influencing train passengers to order their beloved foods and beverages only from RailRecipe.

  • Always provides hygienic, delectable cuisine cooked by FSSAI-accredited restaurants.
  • Delivers delicious food to more than 560 stations across India
  • Offers a wide variety of food menus for train passengers of all ages.
  • Provides train passengers with a range of regional culinary alternatives.
  • Delivers meals to your train seat on time
  • Customer care support is A-1

Why RailRecipe is a most valuable partner of IRCTC

Railrecipe knows the importance of providing quality cuisine to Indian railway passengers and meeting their needs. It became a most valuable partner of IRCTC within a few months as a result of comprehending the obligation of supplying hygienically prepared meals to all train passengers. RailRecipe is now the only food on train platform capable of offering a diverse menu, prompt delivery, no hidden fees, and meals at a reasonable price.

Do you want to know Why RailRecipe is the most valuable partner of IRCTC? So just look at the below points.

  • Capable of providing all types of food with the original flavor of their distinctive city.
  • Provide hygienically prepared food
  • Provides food in high-quality packaging to prevent leaks.
  • The meal ordering process is incredibly straightforward.
  • Always makes sure to deliver food on time.
  • Offers Bumper discounts on ordered food.
  • Provides an A-1 range of services to train passengers
  • Gives its consumers excellent customer service.
  • Cuisine cost is extremely affordable
  • Do not charge a fee for food bookings.
  • Do not charge a fee for food delivery.
  • Do not charge any additional costs.
  • Provide ordered meals to more than 560 stations.
  • Has over 2500+ restaurant partners in India.
  • Provides food on more than 8500 trains.

What are the Missions of RailRecipe

Railrecipe’s purpose is to provide cuisine with joy and bring a large grin to the faces of all customers with our service. They are here to bring the train journey of passengers to the next level by offering Great ‘Swaadisht’ food to all. Rail Recipe constantly adds new dishes to the menu to make great choices at a very reasonable price for our consumers.

They want to extend our service to more stations to fulfill the desire to train travelers’ favorite food. RailRecipe is working to extend our FSSAI-approved restaurant partner to deliver food to all stations in India. They are working formidable to achieve a No.1 position in Online food delivery in trains in India.

Railrecipe is the only online meal delivery service for trains that have grown rapidly and solved a major problem for train passengers of having food.

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