Impact Of Social Media On Youth

In today’s world, we are increasingly getting dependent on science, technology, and innovation. People use technology to connect to their friends, family, and loved ones. Social media platforms have facilitated easy connections among people. Being in virtual reality excites people more. But the overuse and addiction is the real problem here. People are in a false sense of being busy. For unversed, examples of social media applications are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. to name a few. People like to spend more time on these platforms rather than being present in real surroundings. They care more about being pretty or handsome on social media platforms by editing and using filters.

The only thing that matters to them is the number of likes and comments on their post. Things like how much their follower base is or how many social media friends they have mattered more than their actual friends. People stay online all the time on their phones and pretend to be busy. Young boys and girls are more prone to the side effects of social media. At a time when young students should focus more on their careers, they tend to waste time on social media platforms. They are more likely to fall prey to the world of virtual reality. This will mean no time to study and fewer athletic activities.

The launch of cheap smartphones, data, and 4G technology have worsened this problem. The real reason may be attributed to not educating and creating awareness about the ill effects of social media. The Indian school curriculum should include a chapter on social media and its effects on young minds. From class 6 onwards, a chapter on this matter will work wonders. Various online crimes arising out of social media have left children and adolescents prone to depression and self-harm.

Crimes such as cyberbullying, harassing, stalking, making threats, leaking of private photos, etc. have a toll on the physical and mental well-being of a person. Teaching ways to deal with the aforementioned threats is the most suitable way to avoid crimes. Spending time with friends and family will help people to be genuine and healthy. Various types of research have shown that physical connection is more important for the overall development of people, especially children. So, it is safe to say that restricting the usage of social media is the best for everyone.

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