Science And Technology For A Sustainable Future

The exponential Growth of Technology in India has played a significant role in the round development of the economy. Sustainable development is an emerging area because it addresses the socio-economic development of every human being. India has opted for a judicious mix of indigenous and imported technology. Purchase of technology is commonly called “Technology transfer” and it is generally covered by a technology transfer agreement. This work focuses on the key areas of sustainable development and scientific contributions towards it. Identifying the problems and giving the necessary recommendations for solving the problems encountered.

The development of any country depends on the advancement in developing technology in different fields. The revolution that took place between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries made the world think differently in areas such as steam engines, textile, printing, etc. Countries that were part of the industrial revolution developed much more than other countries because the machine occupies the work more than men. Further advancements in the twentieth century in space, aircraft, computers, biotech and information technology boosted the developed nations. The new technology with young minds creates a synergy both in knowledge and resource utilization.

The technology that we are utilizing today supports the necessity for a human comfortable life zone. The field of improvement takes place in Medicine, Energy, Agriculture, and Resource Management which makes a greater impact on society. Sound decision-making and economic planning are necessary for a nation’s sustainable development. The global look must address the scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world towards the improvement of sustainability. The report framed by the Brundtland commission defines sustainable development as “the development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability for the future generation to meet their own needs”.

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